Personalized IT services for companies

Mxline IT Support offers customized IT systems maintenance services both for Bucharest and for many locations in the country. Most of our services can be offered remotely, due to the current communication technology but also to the specifics of the activity.

The flexibility and experience of the Mxline team allow us to find solutions in optimal time for each client. As in many areas there is no one-size-fits-all solution and our mission is to tailor the solution to optimize both operations and costs.


Range of IT services

We adapt the technology according to the needs of each company and we offer the maintenance of the IT systems regardless of the location, complexity and field of activity.

- Complete IT services and solutions: IT maintenance, server administration and virtualization, helpdesk & remote support.

- Our expertise for any IT equipment you need for your business. to operate uninterruptedly.

- Solutions to protect your equipment and systems at the highest level.

- The newest and most versatile data backup solution.

Remote IT support

We offer remote IT services for employees who work from home. The pandemic imposed new working conditions, we adapted quickly.

The new working conditions imposed by the pandemic in the last year require the expertise of IT service providers. For us, the adaptation was not difficult at all, so we offer without problems the same services in the remote system.

specialist ofering remote it services for those working from home

On-site support for foreign companies

Mxline provides on-site support to foreign companies whose IT departments are located abroad.

We professionally respect the requirements and standards of the company's management. We solve the operations for which the presence of specialists in the location is absolutely necessary.

IT specialists working on site for foreign companies


Specialists in networking, security and IT systems. An energetic team, always available and open to new and innovative solutions

Integrating business equipment into a company's IT system requires a different approach than consumer equipment.

Starting from the security of the IT infrastructure and up to the maintenance that must be ensured and the restoration of the data in case of need, experience and complex technical knowledge are needed.

MXLINE is an authorized Veeam ® partner

Veeam ® offers immutable enhanced storage options, reliable native backup, continuous data protection and much more, all under one platform!

Do IT problems bother you?

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We are constantly committed to providing innovative and efficient services. We are looking for solutions for the simplest possible integration of advanced technologies.


Honesty, precision and dedication

We make sure that every member of our team is dedicated to solving the IT problems in your company.

Experience, professionalism and flexibility in approaching solutions allow us to build long-term relationships with all our clients.