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We managed dozens of IT projects with financing and learned the entire flow of administration and supply related to IT equipment and software products.


We analyze together the necessary IT equipment corresponding to the activity planned by the project.

We choose the right ones from the point of view of performance but also of the allocated budget.


We determine the performance level of IT equipment.

We are looking for the optimal solution taking into account the allocated budget, but also the subsequent availability of the equipment.


We prepare all the necessary documents for the purchase of IT equipment,

The most used documents: supply contract, innovation declaration, advance invoice, guarantee certificate, handover-acceptance report, etc.


We deliver the equipment where it is needed.

If you need it, we offer free installation of the software you have purchased.

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    Our reliable partners in IT projects

    Because IT projects with financing require a set of partnerships, from the moment of application to obtain the funds to the implementation of the project in all its complexity, Mxline will recommend the partners with whom it has been collaborating for years in successful projects.

    partenere scriere proiecte it cu finantare
    // Consulting European funds / Accounting / Human Resources


    Consultancy services for projects with financing

    The Just Ideas team is composed of experienced specialists with extensive experience in projects for non-refundable European funds. They have been involved in numerous projects spanning various industries, including IT, creative, commerce, HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café), transportation, and tourism.

    // Media & web design agency


    They provide comprehensive services in digitalization, web design, branding, and online marketing.

    With over 14 years of experience, they offer comprehensive web design services and any type of promotional campaign, including presentation websites, online stores, consulting, logo creation, and any graphic materials.

    Funded IT projects are projects that receive financial funding from external sources, such as European, governmental or private funds, to develop or implement innovative IT solutions. These projects can be carried out by a variety of entities, including small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organizations, universities and research institutions.

    Such projects can aim at the development of new IT products and services or the improvement of existing ones, the implementation of IT solutions to solve specific problems or the increase of the capacity of organizations to use advanced IT technologies. The objectives can be diverse, from improving operational efficiency and productivity, to increasing market competitiveness and social and economic impact.

    Funding beneficiaries may be eligible to receive financial support for expenses related to personnel, equipment, software, consulting services and other costs necessary to complete the project. In general, these projects are subject to strict deadlines and clear reporting and evaluation requirements.

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