Why a service of
IT outsourcing?

The decision to opt for an IT outsourcing service should not be a difficult one. The success of a company relies on a stable, scalable, and well-maintained IT infrastructure. To meet these requirements, periodic checks, proactive support, and regular updates of servers and network equipment are necessary. The IT management services are offered in the form of personalized monthly subscriptions. They represent a comprehensive solution for our clients’ needs and provide the advantage of fixed monthly costs, which are easier to manage.

Servers, Virtualisation,

Virtualization offers you the advantage of saving space, electrical energy, reducing migration time, accessing data from the cloud, as well as extending the lifespan of applications incompatible with current operating systems.

It is crucial that this is done by experienced specialists who can provide you with complete virtualization solutions, ranging from server virtualization to data storage virtualization, as well as virtualization of specific applications. This way, you benefit from a scalable infrastructure, always tailored to your needs, without the risk of purchasing unnecessary or incorrectly sized equipment.

In addition to easy access to information that is no longer tied to a specific device, cloud storage offers the possibility of performing data backup activities and quickly restoring systems in case of a restoration need.

Moreover, cloud storage leads to cost savings for an organization. And in sensitive cases where internal procedures or industry regulations do not allow data to be moved online, there are hybrid solutions available. The latest cloud information management solution we can provide to you is VEEAM Backup & Replication. You can read more on the dedicated page for this service.

Secure VPN connectivity solutions.

Mobility is the key to the success of any business, and VPN solutions provide the possibility of securely accessing internal resources, are scalable, and have low costs VPN allows your business to provide secure and encrypted connectivity for employees who need to travel for business purposes, as well as for other branch offices located in remote locations that require access to the company’s network resources.

Helpdesk and
Remote Support

Phone Helpdesk

  • It aims to identify the reported situation and represents the first step in remotely resolving the issue. Thus, the user is provided with the necessary information to resolve the incident.
  • You will receive advice and guidance from a dedicated team, specifically trained for this purpose, who have extensive experience in providing technical support over the phone.
Remote Helpdesk

  • It involves remotely connecting to users’ workstations or centralized servers in order to address reported issues, using only VPN connections that ensure the connection of an authorized person.
  • The user can observe in real-time, on their own monitor, the process of resolving the reported incident.
Onsite Helpdesk

  • A technician or a team of technicians will be dispatched to your company’s premises to address the reported issue if the first type of support is not effective.
  • The maximum resolution time of the notification depends on the nature of the issue and the affected service, and it is mutually agreed upon through the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Help desk FOR
Work from Home

Each employee of the company has their own home connection, however, the network is public, insecure, and completely unprotected. Thus, accessing sensitive company data requires additional layers of protection.

We offer solutions for remote work and the necessary equipment for establishing VPN connections, complete protection for all devices, and affordable licensing options.


Licence Management

Thanks to license management, interested individuals can have an overview of the number of licenses available.

This allows avoiding two situations: the first is when a company uses more licenses than it is entitled to, and the second is when a company does not utilize all the licenses it has paid for. Therefore, we recommend that every company adopts license management as quickly as possible to optimize costs efficiently.

Supplies Management

A printer malfunction, delayed delivery of consumables, exceeded printing budgets, or discussions between cost centers are not what you need at this moment!

We suggest that each of us focuses on the activities we excel at: we will handle your printing issues while you focus on your business, knowing that the internal processes of copying, printing, and scanning are running smoothly.

Web Hosting

Our hosting packages are designed to meet the needs of all our clients.

If you don’t find a suitable package for you and your business, we can create a special one tailored specifically for you. We provide technical support to all clients who wish to benefit from our hosting services, as well as recommendations for email configuration on various devices.

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